London Escort Working For Agency

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The client and I have sex. I have two clients scheduled for today. This client was a quickie. We met at the agency. He wanted regular sex and that’s all. After the sex, he paid. He went his separate way and I went mine. My other client is later today. I actually prefer the clients I have more of an exclusive connection with. The ones I service regularly make me happier than the random clients I do a quick service for.

The girls that work at the agency are all so different. Some of us were born here in London. Some of us are from other parts of England. We all work primarily here in London and service so many different clients from different places. The girls here all look so different. Some of us are tall. Some of us are short. Some of us are busty. Some of us are not as curvy. But all of us offer the best services to please the men that come to the agency.

This agency has some of the best London escorts money can pay for. Our agency is known for giving exclusive services to the men that come here. Sexual desires from regular sex to oral sex to group sex is what we offer.

I have worked at this agency since I was nineteen. Too many times girls get involved in this lifestyle as a teen. The money is good. Business is always booming. For this fact so many young girls get attracted to the lifestyle. This is why I am still in this lifestyle of being an escort.

After finishing with my first client, I go home to take a break .At home I shower. Then I fix myself something to eat. After eating, I rest awhile. I drift off and take a nap.Then I wake up and get dressed for my second service for the day. I dress in a nice outfit. I comb my hair. I put on a classic red lipstick. I then leave and head back to the agency.

It is time for my second client to arrive. He arrives. This older gentleman has been a client of mine for several months now. We usually meet weekly. Sometimes more than once a week. We meet in a secluded room in the agency. When we get alone, he tells me what he wants. He wants to be touched. So I rub him affectionately. I kiss his tender lips. I look in his eyes and recognize the loneliness this man feels. We rip each other’s clothes off. We continue the foreplay in the bed.

After the sex, he asks me what I want. Of course I want to be paid for my service. But this particular client always throws in something special for me. Spending week after week with a person causes a person to get almost attached to you. I tell him I would like a nice meal. We then go off to a nice restaurant where we share a special dinner together.